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Hey, does anybody have a favorite python gui framework for the mac?

Ugh, rain. Am I scrounging breakfast here or getting wet?

I'm engaged in a renewed surge in my lifelong struggle to own my own mind, and to conserve what is, for me, the scarcest of my resources: my attention.

So for me, retreating into the fediverse is less about free culture or corporate control, and more about regaining, in some sense, the ability to pilot my own train of thought. To the extent that one can be expected to pilot a train.

Google news, Netflix's recommended viewing scheme, YouTube's up next feed... These have become, increasingly, greased ramps leading me off the path of effective engagement and down into swamps of inanity.

The whole algorithm-driven model of media presentation -- the infinite scroll that carefully watches to see what mad, distracted whim has monetarily captured my attention, so that it can feed me an ever richer and more easily digested diet of whatever it is -- makes it infinitely more difficult for me to engage effectively with the world's infoscape as presented on the mainstream internet.

Most of the ability I've cultivated, these past four and a half decades, to control that stream, is the result of my ability to plan my time and to construct my environment in such a way that I can form and follow coherent trains of thought. As @drshiny wisely said to me once, the only way we humans ever really exercise free will is in the choosing and cultivation of our habits.

As someone whose non-neurotypicality is largely wrapped up in attention and focus and other forms of executive function, I struggle with control over the direction of my own thoughts, of the narrative steam my brain constantly produces in order to make sense of the world going by around me.

I'm trying to articulate to begin to articulate the complete disaffection I'm feeling as to the current direction of media, social and otherwise, so bear with me while I poke my feelings with a stick and try to make words come out orderly-like.

Man, the first day of not feeling sick always feels like a damn miracle.

OK, OK, I realize that it's in questionable taste to comment on female public figures' dress, but the first openly bisexual Senator opened the Senate in style:

And at the time of the American Civil War, the global population was about that of modern India.

At the birth of Socrates, the global population was about equivalent to that of modern Egypt.

Your fun fact of the day: At the time of the birth of Christ, the global population of humans was roughly equal to the current population of Bangladesh.

Feeling better this morning. Feels like a miracle.

Yesterday was the first Public Domain Day in 21 years, with works such as "Yes We Have No Bananas" and Jeeves and DeMille's Ten Commandments:

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Eddy's Sofa

"There!" said Ford, shooting out his arm; "there, behind that sofa!"
Arthur looked.
Much to his surprise, there was a velvet paisley-covered Chesterfield sofa in the field in front of them.
He boggled intelligently at it. Shrewd questions sprang into his mind.
"Why," he said, "is there a sofa in that field?"
"I told you!" shouted Ford, leaping to his feet. "Eddies in the space-time continuum!"
"And this is his sofa, is it?"