OK, this is some bullshit.

I need to cut the wrapper off my new screwdriver so I can install a blade in my new utility knife.

We're having a craft thing this afternoon, so Heather have me my Christmas present early: scissors for the left-handed redhead.

Eddy's Sofa

"There!" said Ford, shooting out his arm; "there, behind that sofa!"
Arthur looked.
Much to his surprise, there was a velvet paisley-covered Chesterfield sofa in the field in front of them.
He boggled intelligently at it. Shrewd questions sprang into his mind.
"Why," he said, "is there a sofa in that field?"
"I told you!" shouted Ford, leaping to his feet. "Eddies in the space-time continuum!"
"And this is his sofa, is it?"